Welcome to my gallery!


This space is my new gallery (portfolio) for sharing my artwork with friends, family and anyone else who would like to see what I'm currently working on.

The most exciting moment of my artistic career so far was winning the Art in Nature category of the Nature's Best Photography International competition in 2008. A large version of my waterfall photograph hung in the Windland Smith Rice Gallery of the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian for 6 months.

I began painting in earnest in 2013 but for now, I'm only posting those pieces that I have done since the start of 2016 (two of which won awards at the El Paso County Fair). I may eventually post more of my earlier work, but this is a start.

I hope you enjoy this new gallery. Thank you to all my friends and family who continue to encourage and support me as I travel down the road of learning and expression.

Thank you.

Karen Garbee

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Black Forest, Colorado https://gag.com/karen

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