People in Places: Tohns in Tempe!

In the second edition of Elizabeth-is-having-the-best-February-in-recent-memory, two of my favorite people came to visit me and Oliver this weekend! I took Beth and Rachel for tacos at the mexican grocery store immediately upon retrieving them from the airport, setting the tone for their entire trip. Tacos al pastor are life.

We headed to my house to drop off bags and have a quick productivity break - during which Oliver very quickly accepted Rachel as a worthy offering of playtime and pets.

Then, because the weather for the weekend was looking like it was going to cave pretty quickly, I took them to Papago Park for some quick desert exploring before it started to rain.

For dinner we headed to investigate some "cowboy food" at a restaurant in Scottsdale - the food was just fine, but the real highlight was the over-the-top decorating and general level of Western-themed merriment. Lots of laughs!

Because it was still raining, the next day we decided to explore campus, go to the brand new aquarium, and then get dinner at an In-and-Out. An incredibly excellent day despite way too much moisture.

Rachel proved that she could, indeed, remove a spine from a cactus. Though not without bloodshed. #worthit

Playing in the fountain in order to wash the orange juice off her fingers, juice from an overly sour campus orange.

We are actually capable of taking a nice picture together - who knew?!

I was able to rescue Beth from the clutches of this plush shark at the aquarium just in time. Watch your scalps, kids.

Since it was still raining this morning, we went to my favorite used and new bookstore and found several treasures - then brunch at Postino and a gorgeous drive up to the summit in South Mountain Park before heading back to the airport.

What a total blast and incredibly restorative weekend with Beth and Rachel. Love my Tohns!