People in Places: Atlanta Edition

So, it's really convenient when you and your brother both live relatively close to major airline hubs - makes spending the weekend together pretty easy.

Got to Atlanta around lunchtime on Saturday, and Robert graciously offered to wake up in time to get me from the airport.

We walked around campus some, and got a glimpse of the Ramblin' Wreck in the wild. Don't speak too loudly, you might spook it. Robert was also not allowed to touch it or get too close - otherwise they would have lost to UGA, punishable by death.

I accidentally came to visit on "sibs day," reserved for GT students to show their younger siblings around campus. Siblings are the worst.

We stopped by the Invention Studio, I might know a guy there.

We spent Sunday morning at the Georgia Aquarium, the highlight of which was the 12 year old, 500 pound sea lion named Diego. Sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures of him. We saw some other pretty great animals we were allowed to photograph, including some conveniently hollowed out squids that managed to perfectly fit our heads.

We found some lunch (didn't take any pictures), went and saw the Lego Batman movie (also no pictures), and then got fro-yo for dinner like champions. Now we're camped out in a study space while Robert does homework, and I assign my students some homework. I definitely have the better deal.

Tomorrow we've got classes to go to in the morning, and then I'll ditch to head back to the airport while Robert suffers through the rest of his afternoon. We basically won the weekend.