Arizona Summer Adventures, Ep. 3: South Mountain, or The Hike That Elizabeth Almost Talked Herself Out Of

I was checking the weather yesterday and noticed that the hike I had planned for today would be deathy in this heat, especially if I took my time to stop and take photos. It was at the moment of this realization that my subconscious found a chink in the armor and struck up a conversation. It went something like this:

Practicality: your plan fell through, so why not just scrap this idea and spend the day in the office again? You got so much work done yesterday.

Defeatist: and even if you found a hike you could do before it got too hot, it would only be three or four miles ... what's the point?

Workhaholic: that to-do list is getting pretty long ... and don't you want another hit of your favorite drug, "Wow! how did you finish that so quickly?!"


Then the quiet voice at the back of the room spoke up and said, "But you love going outside! Don't you want to play? I thought we talked about this. You're not allowed to stand yourself up anymore."


So here are a few photos of the relatively short, but nonetheless beautiful hike I did in South Mountain Park this morning. I even ran the last mile and a half, and really loved it.

Maybe I secretly love trail running? Need more data :)